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Free local delivery on orders $29+

Your skin is dry.

Your skin probably tends to feel tight, and might be flaky and dull. It may feel like your skin care products are sitting on top of your skin, rather than being absorbed.

Your skin requires products that are going to add moisture, create a barrier to seal in hydration, and protect against the elements. Your recommended skin care routine is:

  1. Cleanse with Calm Cleansing Milk
  2. Tone with Moroccan Rose Water
  3. Apply Nordic Boost Serum
  4. Apply Berry Rich Cream
  5. Apply The Perfect Sunscreen

Your recommended treatments are:

  • Add extra hydration and seal in moisture with Cloud Collagen Oil and Cloud Ceramide Balm
  • Smooth flaky skin with Purifying Scrub
  • Soothe and hydrate with Egyptian Honey Rose Masque
  • Remove makeup with Makeup Cleansing Oil
  • Reinforce lips' moisture barrier with Night Lip Serum

For a custom skin care routine tailored to your unique skin goals, budget, and preferences, we recommend booking a Virtual Skin Care Consultation with our aesthetician. Click here for more details.

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