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Free local delivery on orders $29+

Your skin is combination.

Your skin is oily in some areas (usually your T-zone - forehead, nose, chin) and dry in others. Your skin tends to look shiny in the oily areas, and pores may be enlarged and prone to blackheads. The dry areas may be rough and dull, with less visible pores.

Your skin requires products that are going to balance sebum production and address the needs of the different areas of your face. Your recommended skin care routine is:

  1. Cleanse with Foaming Face Wash
  2. Tone with Orange Blossom Toner
  3. Apply Nordic Boost Serum
  4. Apply Phyto Clear Cream (formerly Green Cream)
  5. Apply Reflector Sunscreen

Your recommended treatments are:

  • Bypass breakouts with Vitamin B3 + Zinc Serum
  • Spot treat blemishes with Spot Dabber
  • Smooth and brighten skin with Bali Papaya Rice Masque
  • Detox and get that glow with Charcoal Detox Mask
  • Remove makeup with Aloe Milk 3-in-1 Cleanser
  • Reinforce lips' moisture barrier with Night Lip Serum

For a custom skin care routine tailored to your unique skin goals, budget, and preferences, we recommend booking a Virtual Skin Care Consultation with our aesthetician. Click here for more details.

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